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Like many doctors worldwide, we put our trust in the research and conclusions of Nobel prize laureates Linus Pauling (Chemistry & Peace) as well as Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (Medicine) in the value of Ascorbic Acid and many other vitamins and natural substances.

Their scientific theory has been proven by the life works of doctors Frederick R. Klenner, Robert Cathcart, Abram Hoffer, Hugh Riordan, Wilfrid & Evan Shute, Humphrey Osmond and many more. Learn more about them here!

More Info for the layman:

Of course we’re biased… So allow us to suggest you take a look at Andrew Saul, PhD’s independent website: Doctor Yourself.

We’ve been using his website as a first stop to check on whatever issues we came across since 2005. A fun & interesting read, the people at doctor yourself do not sponsor any particular products nor accept any sponsoring.

Proper Vitamin C Dosage

We’ve also published a copy of the late Dr Robert Cathcart’s protocol : Titrating to Bowel Tolerance.
It explains how to find the correct vitamin C dosage and integrated a clickable index for easier reading. The page is written by a doctor so it can get pretty complicated, but the idea  is, whatever quantity of vitamin C you can take, without getting intestinal gurgling or diarrhea, is being used by your body. The body can’t store vitamin C, so it’s best to take many smaller doses throughout the day than one large one.

More Info for doctors:

The Clinical Experiences of Frederick R. Klenner, M.D.,
abbreviated, sumarized and annotated by 
Lendon H. Smith, M.D.
2233 SW Market Street, Portland, Oregon 97201

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A Timeline of Vitamin Medicine

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