Vitamin C Dosage

Heal Like An Animal?

Why don’t most animals suffer from heart disease & heal so much faster than we do?

As Dr Robert Cathcart explains:

They make their own vitamin C, & when stressed, sick or injured, they make a lot of it!

The good news is by taking vitamin C in larger amounts than animals produce,

we can maintain our bodies and heal even better than they can.” *

Is 9 servings of fruits and vegetables truly enough?

Can you get the amount of vitamin C you need from food alone?

When you consider one orange has 30mg of vitamin C, you would need 33 of them for every gram.

Many experts recommend more than 2g a day. Some, much more: up to 18g a day. (See below.)*

Amount of Vitamin C in mg in 1 Orange

How Many Oranges You Need To Eat Daily To Ingest 2G Of Vitamin C

Experts Recommend A Much Higher Daily Dose Of Vitamin C *

415g – Dr. Robert Cathcart – MD 3g – 18g  Linus Pauling – Double Nobel Laureate 5g – Dr. Frederick Klenner – MD 3g – Steve Hickey – PhD 3g- Irwin Stone –  PhD

Gimmick Or Good For You

Not all vitamins and dietary supplements are the same. Many popular supplement brands, in fact, contain artificial additives, synthetic flow agents, chemical colorings, and even imitation vitamin compounds that your body does not recognize and cannot fully process. So how can you know whether or not the vitamins and supplements you buy are safe and effective?*

What on Earth are GMOs ?

GMOs, (Genetically modified organisms) are plants (or animals) that have been genetically modified by splicing in DNA from viruses, bacteria, other plants or animals. These experimental combinations of genes from different species cannot occur in traditional crossbreeding nor in nature. *

Made in the USA? Not so much

Why are the origins of our competitors ingredients hidden? Over 90% of the vitamin C on the market is actually repackaged Chinese. Packaging ingredients in the US and EU is enough to claim “Made” in… We actually expect China to become our biggest importer as the consumers there are much more aware of this and actively seek out superior quality *

Why UK Manufacturing?

No proximity to GMO corn fields.

China doesn’t have the strict quality control regulations and enforcement. The 5 big U.S. manufacturers either use GMO corn to make their vitamin C, or repackage Chinese ingredients. *

Ultra Fine Quali-C main features
DSM’s Quali-C

We opened this company in 2013 because the best vitamin C in the world was not being sold to the public.

DSM is the only manufacturer of high quality Vitamin C, made in the UK, exclusively from non-GMO corn grown in Great-Britain.

Not all their trademarked Quali-C products are made equally.

They include a range of vitamin C powder going from standard to their  Ultra Fine Vitamin C powder.

We only sell their very best. *

What Our Clients Say

(These unsolicited testimonials are from actual Amazon customers who purchased our product. Links are provided to the review and the customer profiles. Their experiences and opinions are their own*)

This is the BEST vitamin c powder I have ever found! It’s so fine and dissolves instantly! I have been using this supplement for years but recently started giving my kids 1-2 grams a day when school started. Three days into the school year my son came home with a bad sore throat. I gave him two grams of this C every few hours in orange juice and by morning he was feeling just fine. I will continue to use this brand and have the entire family taking it during the school year! Best brand for no GMO’s, colors or added fillers! *

August 22, 2017


This stuff is amazing!!

Helped my mom when she was having ovarian cancer & cysts and works best by far at kicking viral and bacterial infections, better than any other vitamin c I’ve tried and I have tried a ton! Hope the price stays down so it will be affordable to take on a daily basis! *

April 25, 2017

Tab J Mar

Easy to take – made in UK not China. I feel more energy and confident that my immune system is improving. Friend knowledgable in natural medicine suggested this particular brand as it is 100% pure ascorbic acid, food grade, non GMO and made in the UK. Very pleased with this product! * February 18, 2017


Love this stuff! works on stopping the flu/cold dead in its tracks! Haven’t needed any over the counter medication since vitamin C! Thank you! * February 7, 2017

Sniper Chick

Hands down the highest quality vitamin c on the market! This product has been a lifesaver for my family, and we are lucky to have found it. Nothing beats the Quali-C ultrafine powder. Considering this is DSM and the best quality vitamin c available, the price is more than fair, this product is a steal. * April 14, 2017


This is excellent… GMO free And the Taste is much better than other powdered form of vitamin C…. you can tell it’s quality. My understanding is that Quali c used in this product is the best. I believe it.* April 21, 2017


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