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Quali-C Ultra Fine Vitamin C Front

More Energy All Day Long

HIGHEST GRADE VITAMIN C:  DSM’s highest grade of Quali-C for Ultra-Fine Vitamin C Powder with L-Ascorbic Acid.

TASTE THE DIFFERENCE: With a 100% natural lemon citrus flavor, easy to mix  into your favorite drinks.

FINE LIKE POWDERED SUGAR: This ultra-fine Vitamin C powder easily dissolves without the crystal residue often apparent in cheaper sources of Vitamin C.

ONLY THE GOOD STUFF: This non-GMO formula is free of  ANY additives.

Why buy your Vitamin C from us?  

The World’s Finest Vitamin C at Half the Price of the Competition.

( FREE Shipping within the U.S. )

Why buy your Vitamin C from us?  

The World’s Finest Vitamin C at Half the Price of the Competition.

( FREE Shipping within the U.S. )

Ultra Fine Quali-C main features

  • Made in the UK.
  • Origin of Ingredients UK (90% of the vitamin C on the market is repackaged Chinese, claiming “Made in the USA”.)
  • Non GMO.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade (better dissolution/ higher purity.)
  • 100% Pure Ascorbic Acid (no sorbitol or other unknown or undissolved crystals – Dr Robert Cathcart’s recommended form of vitamin C.)
  • No other ingredients (others use fillers and load with sugar.) *
DSM’s Quali-C

Benefits of Supplementing Vitamin C 


  • Made in the UK with no foreign ingredients nor raw materials.
  • 100% pure L-ascorbic acid, no other ingredients or fillers.
  • Highest purity possible, smallest particle size – The highest-grade Vitamin C in the world.
  • DSM’s ultra-fine Quali-C gives improved drink mix-ability and faster, more efficient dissolution.
  • Vegan, Non GMO and hypo-allergenic.

9 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Not Nearly Enough.

Can you get the vitamin C you need from food alone?

One fresh organic orange = 70mg of vitamin C.    (14.3 oranges / gram)

To get 2 grams of vitamin C, one would need to eat at least 28 oranges. 

Many experts recommend more than 2g a day. Some, much more, up to 18g a day. 


Hands down the highest quality vitamin c on the market! This product has been a lifesaver for my family, and we are lucky to have found it. Nothing beats the Quali-C ultrafine powder. Considering this is DSM and the best quality vitamin c available, the price is more than fair, this product is a steal.”


“This is the BEST vitamin c powder I have ever found! It’s so fine and dissolves instantly! I have been using this supplement for years but recently started giving my kids 1-2 grams a day when school started. Three days into the school year my son came home with a bad sore throat. I gave him two grams of this C every few hours in orange juice and by morning he was feeling just fine.”


“Easy to take – made in UK not China. I feel more energy and confident that my immune system is improving. Friend knowledgeable in natural medicine suggested this particular brand as it is 100% pure ascorbic acid, pharma grade, non GMO and made in the UK. Very pleased with this product!”


Great Product! We really like using this product especially when dosing to bowel tolerance bc there are no other additives and it’s well sourced. It is very sour by itself, but we’ve been able to make it palatable with a little bit of Stevia or Sufficient-C. For us, it has been very effective in preventing and managing common illnesses. Also very helpful for preventing and treating sunburns for adults and kids (taken orally before going into the sun). I gave my oldest 1-2g/day for 2 years and he never got sick ONCE! Seriously.”

Amazon Customer

“This stuff is amazing!!

Helped my mom when she was having ovarian cancer & cysts and works best by far at kicking viral and bacterial infections, better than any other vitamin c I’ve tried and I have tried a ton! Hope the price stays down so it will be affordable to take on a daily basis!”

Tab J Bar

“My family and I have been using this product on a daily basis for years. Our energy levels are higher and my kids get sick much less often now. When they do, we bump up their doses and they get well again faster than they used to. Yesterday, my son was coughing like a bull, gave him half a flat teaspoon. He came to see me about 20 minutes later and said, Dad, it worked, my cough is gone!
We tried the lower grade Quali C, it took too long to dissolve. Sticking with this one, thanks for making this quality available at half the price we used to get it from the Vitamin C Foundation.”

Alain Iskandar

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