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If you are searching for information about your shipment, please enter the tracking number from your order complete email into the following site:


Orders to Canada and international are sometimes sent by USPS as well (depending on market rates):


As we use a fulfilment centre, we are technically nor the shipper, nor the recipient, so we cannot contact the courier to obtain more information. If you’re package has been marked delivered but you haven’t received it yet, please allow 48-72 hours as couriers sometimes mark them once handed off to your local post office for final delivery. After that please email us and we will ask for an investigation from our fulfilment centre. You can also contact the courier directly as you are the recipient.

We have made DSM’s Ultra Fine available at half the price of our “non profit” competitor since 2013, so we have a huge volume but very little actual resources to handle customer service. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

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