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Dear Health Practitioners,

We would like to offer you a free 8 oz. jar of our world’s finest vitamin C, made in Scotland from non GMO corn, grown in Great Britain.

We split our margin with you. You can offer your patients the highest grade of DSM’s Ultra Fine Quali-C at half the price of our “Non Profit” competitor, and still make a 20% markup. (Delivered to you at 24.50$/unit, MSRP 29.50$).

Even if you don’t sell supplements, I’m confident any practitioner that experiences the quality of DSM’s Ultra Fine Vitamin C, will continue to take and recommend it!

Thanks and cheers to your health,
Andrew Vajda - Owner / Founder
GMO Free Vitamins LLC


I had the honour of interviewing Orthomolecular pioneers Dr. Robert Cathcart and Dr. Abram Hoffer back in 2005, after Dr. Cathcart’s vitamin C dosage protocol changed my life.

I then discovered in 2013 that most supplements sellers write “Made in” The USA or EU, even though they only repackage ingredients there. That’s when I opened up I have been selling the world’s finest vitamin C, made in Scotland from UK ingredients, at 1/2 of market price ever since.

Amazon just stopped sharing reviews between product sizes, which cut my new size away from the 325 reviews gained over 8 years of sales. Without the reviews, the 5 tons of pure ascorbic acid I just packaged to help with the pandemic could go to waste. So any help distributing or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

PS. You are welcome to share or reference any information on

How to dose vitamin C optimally by Dr Robert Cathcart
Vitamin C dosage in pregnancy and lactatio by Dr Fred Klenner
My interviews with Dr Cathcart, 8 years before opening this company.

Our vitamin C is also being currently featured on Wellness magazine

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